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                                                                                                     Archbishop Dr. J. P. Johnston, Ph.D.,OSP,LPC

This is a mini-biography of John Patrick Johnston born on March 17, 1958 in Newport News Virginia and was raised in Covesville, Virginia and his faith tradition was as a Southern Baptist. He attended Covesville Baptist Church, where his father was a Deacon and Sunday School teacher of Men's Group. His mother was a Sunday School teacher for young adults while his Grandmother taught women group. His older brother taught a boys group known as Royal Ambassadors. His Great Uncle was an Evangelist named Rev. Cecil Anderson of Hagerstown Maryland. John Johnston was first baptized at the early age of 5 at Hampton Baptist Church by Rev. Virgil Casey in Hampton Virginia and has grown in faith ever since that time.

In 1974 when John was age 16 he and his family visited the Hampton Coliseum for the Billy Graham Crusade which was truly a spiritual enlightenment when the choir started to sing Just as I am and had the altar call, John was led by the Holy Spirit to come fourth, when he came to Reverend Billy Graham which laid his hand upon John's shoulder and told him that God said he has plans for you and to grow in your faith, and God will show you the path to take on your life's journey when the time is right. Reverend Graham played such a big part in John's future to come.

He attended Albemarle High School Charlottesville, Virginia and was member of Student Counsel in 1976 after leaving school he went into the Private Sector where he was a Virginia Licensed Private Investigator & Armed Security Officer for 20 years and a business owner with 38 employees from 1976-1996. He was given two plaque awards for Business Executive of the year in 1996 both Paragons Who Who's National Registry and Universal Registry as well as that same year was awarded and listed as one of the Top 10 Private Investigators in Virginia.

In 1980 he was shot and wounded in his left hand as an botched armed robbery attempt, he disarmed the suspect and still took him into custody, which found later that the suspect was wanted for armed robbery of 7 convenience stores. The suspect was given 25 years prison time for the 7 robberies including the attempted robbery on John Johnston.

He was first married in 1981 to Janet Carter for 5 years and with no children, were married at Mount View Baptist Church Charlottesville, Virginia Divorced in 1985. Second marriage in 1996 to Nadine Fleming with 1 son Michael and 1 stepson Joseph was married at Walnut Hills Baptist Church, Williamsburg, Virginia. He is a grandfather of 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

He holds an 8th degree Black Belt in 3 styles of Martial Arts in Jujitsu, Taekwondo and Judo and taught in all three styles for 15 years and ran 2 schools. He was awarded Martial Arts Instructor of the year 1986,1987 and 1990. He was also a Certified EMT and Paramedic and Volunteer for Local Fire Department for 5 years.

He also attended the Virginia Department Of Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Training Course and Certified as a Special Police Officer 1991, He was sworn Special Police Investigator for 5 years with local police Department, When he was called into the ministry and felt that the Lord led him to preach and help others in Christian faith and do much more. He converted from his Baptist tradition to Anglicanism. So after years of either wearing a uniform or a coat and tie, put away his gun and badge and traded in for Clergy Collar to witness to others and preach and put on the Armor of God and defend the Holy Scriptures.

He was ordained as an Episcopal Deacon in 1997 by Episcopal Archbishop William Conner of Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Dallas Texas and Ordained Episcopal Priest in 1998 by Archbishop William Conner and consecrated by Archbishop Gregory Godsey as a Roman Catholic Bishop in 2001, then consecrated as a Bishop in 2002 by Anglican Archbishop Bruce Campbell as an Anglican Bishop in New Rochelle, New York. His Lines of Apostolic Succession follow under Archbishop Bruce Campbell. He felt the Lord led him to Anglicanism and that this was the path he needed to follow.

He recorded and produced a 21 Songs Gospel Music CD titled Country Style Southern Gospel and sold over 2000 copies in just 1 year and all proceeds from total sales of $10,000 were donated to local church.

His religious studies were required for service, so he attended The Institute of Biblical Studies of Liberty University and earned a Graduate of Biblical Studies 1991. He attended Holy Cross Theological Seminary from 1991-1998, and several curriculum studies of Religious Studies and earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Biblical Studies, a Master’s in Psychology and Philosophy and earned his Doctorate in Pastoral Family Counseling. He even attended Everest  University in Tampa Florida for a Business Degree, He was also on the Deans List twice and the Presidents Listed in 2013. He attended the Metropolitan Christian University, he also earned a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2017. He always studies to better serve. He believes in the scriptures of (2 Timothy 2:15) Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Also in (Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

He was then elevated to Archbishop and Patriarch and Metropolitan of Evangelistic Apostolic Church Diocese by the Independent College of Bishops and twelve-member advisory council, which voted upon to elevate him to Patriarch where he currently serves to this date established on August 1,2002.  He also founded Petrus Fidei Seminary in the United States.

He is the founder of Good Hope Church and He serves as Pastor of Good Hope Church in Lanexa Virginia which is an Anglican Denomination from 2002 to current date. He has also written a Training Manual for Chaplains & Priest for Pastoral Family Counseling; Co-Parenting Therapy sold on Amazon.

He is a Member of the International College of Bishops since 2015 and serves as First Vice President. He is currently the Chancellor and also a Professor of Metropolitan Christian University in Louisville Kentucky since 2016.
Again a plaque was awarded for his work in the ministry from The Marquis Who's Who Publication Board - Who's Who in America 2021-2022.
A very high honor to be given.

His Motto: “One step at a time In the Lord.