One Step at a Time In The Lord
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I wish to thank you for checking out our website and of our Archdiocese and our local church. We are a Worldwide Ministry that invites clergy from all over the world to join us as one of Christ Apostles, we walk in His footstep and take up our own cross and follow him and of the Holy Scriptures in Preaching to all the world as His commandment.
This is a diocese that clergy can come together where they feel a fellowship, a place of belonging and within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Where if a clergy member can speak freely and get the help they need. If you like to join our group please submit an application found on our document page.

E-Mail: or / Leave a voice message on Telephone 757-634-9809 / inquires to: Abp.John Johnston 3810 Ropers Church Road Lanexa, VA. 23089