Evangelistic Apostolic Church Diocese
3810 Ropers Church Rd. Lanexa, VA.23089
A Worldwide Ministry
One Step at a Time In The Lord
New changes are being made for this Diocese we are in 2020 and in up lifting for the work of our Lord.
We have open enrollment for new clergy members of the Apostolic Rite of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of ministerial ordinance of serving the Heavenly Father and of the Son Jesus Christ.
We also have open enrollment for Church Charter Membership for all though whom wish to be in Communion with us.
Our Application is listed on the Document page which is used for both clergy and charter membership.
Anyone whom wish to support the Save Hungry Kids please do so in help in Fighting Against Hunger in Pakistan
We now have 4 Sunday Schools Open in Pakistan and growing and need help in food and teaching supplies with your Donations.
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We are setting up jurisdictions in Africa since it is such a large country with 55 Counties and a greater range to cover so we will have a EACD Presiding Bishop for each of that Region which will be in charge of Clergy Ministers and their Churches or Ministries.
Jesus said,
Lazarus come forth
Am I really saved How can I know for sure
Evg. Sadia Basharat
Do not fear, God is with you - Motivational and Spiritual message
Trust God and His plans for your life - Motivational and Spiritual message
How to Restore the Spiritual Fire of God
Please help me in supporting in giving a Donation to Pakistan
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