Advisory Board Members Listed
The Advisory Board Members duty is to help the Patriarch with any problems that arise dealing with clergy members that may be in any violations within the Diocese Canons Regulations and By Laws of the Church. Each board member have voting rights.

There are times when the Patriarch assigns an Advisor Board Member to an area where a Priest or Bishop need guidance and counseling, refusing to work with an assigned Advisory Board Member will be in insubordination to the Patriarch and of the Canons.

Insubordination is the act of willfully disobeying a superior, by being disrespect to that superior, or by refusing to follow an instruction given by that superior. The Advisor Member that is assigned is there to help and not take over. Insubordination will not be tolerated and is grounds for discharged from this Diocese as a member and loss of Apostolic Succession. The Advisory Board members on any concerns that are brought to the Diocese and will be set for a Tribunal Court convene attention that there is a problem and will conduct a voting and the majority voting will be the final.

1. Bishop Frank Tulak - California - Director USA

2. Bishop Dale Carpenter - North Carolina

3. Bishop Bryan Potts - Michigan

4. Bishop Travis Crocker - Missouri

5. Bishop Dr. Joshua Sparks - Kentucky

6. Archbishop Darel Chase - Kentucky

7. Rev.Ken Hicks - Virginia

8. Dr. Optatus Chailla - Pennsylvania

9. Bishop Steven Combio - Taiwon

10. Bishop Micheal Walsh - England

11. Bishop Sohail Peter - Pakistan

12. Daniel Konduri - India

13. Archbishop Peter Decker - Director Germany

14. James Benedict Saldivar - Director Philippines

15. Archbishop Christopher Nieciag - Director Poland

16. Archbishop Sam Akengbowa - Director Texas and Africa

17. Archbishop Chuks R. Echenim - Africa

18. Apostle Michael Pakeng - Africa

19. Bishop Guy Eeckhout - Africa

20. Bishop Dr. Irekpita Chris Ogene - Africa

21. Bishop Dr.Michael A.Bediako - Africa

22. Archbishop Dr Elijah Obed Bonsu - Africa