About Us
As members of Evangelistic Apostolic Church Diocese, We take pride in offering the best of the Brotherhood in the Apostolic Rite of the Priesthood that we can show in support of one another. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our members and offer counseling to the clergymen and there needs assisting them in getting their church in order and to support and help those in need. God will provide. We have twenty-two elect Bishops that were assigned to the College of Bishops Counsel and Advisory Board that enforce the Canon Laws Rules, Regulations and the Bylaws of the Diocese under the guidance of the Patriarch.

Our Office is located at 3810 Ropers Church Road - Lanexa, Virginia 23089

There have been several Baptismal, Weddings, Funerals as well as ordinations and consecration at Good Hope Church located at 5400 Good Hope Road Lanexa Virginia, blessings flowed with the holy spirit with the ordinations of new Deacons, Priest and Consecrations of Bishops in their new journey within the ministry over the years. All of our Bishops are validated of having The Lines of Apostolic Succession through Archbishop John Johnston which have been validated through the See of Rome of the Roman Catholic Church and The Church of England.

The E A C D is an Independent Apostolic Rite with membership around the world including: USA, South America, England, Spain, Ireland, India, Africa, Pakistan, Germany, Poland, Italy, Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines. We have grown since two thousand two with over three thousand and twenty two clergymen and churches throughout the world and in spreading the gospel and still growing.

We do from time to time in into a communion with other Diocese. We are mainly of the Anglican Rite and hold to that faith and of it's traditions there in worship in the Book of Common Prayer nineteen twenty eight.

We are open to other denominational ministries including Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Apostolic Rite, Celtic Rite, Orthodox Rite, Roman Catholic Rite, and Independent Denominations who wish to be apart of us.

Walk in the Spirit of Christ and He will guide you to the right path in leading people to the Holy Father. He will make you fisher of men cast your net upon the water and feed their souls.

The Archdiocese seal was especially designed with E A C D Logo and is copy write & Trademark of this Church Diocese and of Good Hope Church of USA only. The E A C D is an Archdiocese and shall remain within the United States.

We are also members of The Apostolic Communion Anglican Churches at: http://www.theacac.org   Also our Patriarch John Johnston is a member of The International College of Bishops and serves as First Vice President at: www.thecollegeofbishops.org  A long with being a Chancellor and a Professor at Metropolitan Christian University at www.metro-cu.org and Anglican School of Divinity at www.asd-edu.net